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Crypto market assumptions

Blockchain and AI are driving the third wave of the Internet—Entrepreneurs are addressing the 'infobesity' epidemic and security and privacy challenges created in the first two waves of the Internet by leveraging machine learning and the blockchain to build a new generation of applications and services.

The blockchain boom is part of a wider, global, populist movement—People are increasingly distrustful of institutions and governments which makes the decentralized structure and anonymity offered by the blockchain and cryptocurrencies highly appealing to this new global psychology.

Google, Facebook and other peddlers in the ‘attention economy’ are experiencing significant consumer backlash—Users are increasingly suspicious and annoyed by being tracked, manipulated and sold by the tech Goliaths.

The ICO boom is disrupting early stage VC—The amount of money raised by initial coin offerings (ICOs) surpassed the amount invested into startups by early stage venture capital firms in 2017.

The cryptocurrency phenomenon is global, and not dominated by Silicon Valley—Countries outside of the US with less threat of government regulation, such as Singapore and Switzerland, are emerging as new ICO centers.

Though November 6, 130 ICOs have raised $2.7B

The number and size of ICOs in 2017 through 11/6

Top 5 ICOs by HQ county: US, Switzerland, Singapore, Canada and Great Britain


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